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1. Women | Art | Wine : Lyse Lemieux PAINTED DRAWINGS at waap ~ Exhibition Tour + Vino & Discussion


Opening reception : Thursday, June 6th

Time: 6-8pm

Exhibition runs through July20th


"Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by artist Lyse Lemieux

The Belgian painter Pierre Alechinsky once said, “one does not choose content, one submits to it.” With Painted Drawings, Lyse Lemieux’s material handling of line and form examines not only the tensile possibilities of her materials but also the meaning of her own visual language. With each piece, she investigates the origin of her ideas and how they can lead her where they are meant to go. The corporeality and gentle transgressions of her literary families of Naiads, Kraken, and Nymphs seem to answer part of this question. Fabric, that ever-present protagonist in much of Lemieux’s narratives adds texture and form while colour and humour wink at indeterminate personal tales.

Tales will always be told and drawings will always need painting. Painted Drawings is about a time of submission and a time of release.

excerpt from. "http://www.waapart.com" 

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