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2. Women | Art | Wine : Gailan Ngan MOONLET/MOONLIT at Monte Clark Gallery ~ Exhibition Tour + Vino & Discussion


Monte Clark Gallery

MOONLET/MOONLIT | Gailan Ngan | May 16 - June 22, 2019

Opening reception : Thursday, May 16th

Time: 6-8pm

Exhibition runs through June 22nd

Where: 105 – 525 Great Northern Way, Vancouver

"Gailan Ngan’s exhibition Moonlet/Moonlit features new ceramic sculptures and pinhole photographs which meditate on cosmic matter, including light and the elements.

Known for her colourful, unconventional, and bulbous clay sculptures, Ngan has created a series of new works that utilize chalky pastel glazes, shocks of contrast colour, and organic blobs and “snakes” glommed together. Like moons formed by various celestial materials melding into one, Ngan’s sculptures fuse various substances both literally (her clays are sourced from diverse geographies and carry with them different organic elements)—and aesthetically. It is interesting to note that some moonlets (small moons) in our solar system are not the perfectly spherical shape we are used to associating with moons because of our earth’s own, but rather many have a irregular forms, an idea that stuck with Ngan while creating these pieces." excerpt from www.monteclarkgallery.com

image details:

Gailan Ngan

Double Hearing

clay, slips, glazes, metal stand

50.5×35×20", 2017

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